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HOW DO I PLACE MY ORDER? The easiest way to order is to text us at 626-905-4522 and we will send you our menu’s, calorie breakdown’s and all other order information.

WHEN IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER FOR NEXT DELIVERY/PICK-UP? All orders need to be in before 11:59pm Thursday evening for a guaranteed delivery or pick up on Sunday. 

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY MEALS? If your order is being delivered then you will receive meals Sundays. Delivery times are based on your location and will be between the times of 9am-9pm. Reach out to us for a two hour time frame for your specific location.

CAN I PICK UP FOR FREE? Yes you can pick up free Sundays anytime between 3-9pm at Skin Deep Nutrition located at 1034 W Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, CA. 91773 Suite A.

CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER AND GET A REFUND? Due to the nature of our operation, we do not offer returns or refunds once orders have been placed. 

WHERE DO YOU DELIVER? We are currently delivering to most So Cal locations. Please reach out with your location to guarantee we are delivering to your area.

HOW DO WE PRESERVE YOUR MEALS WHILE IN TRANSIT? We deliver meals in an insulated Keep It Cool bag with ice packs to keep meals chilled while in transit.

WHAT ARE DELIVERY FEES? Local deliveries are only $5. Deliveries that are further out can range from $8 - $15. Please text us with your address for exact delivery charge.

DO I NEED TO BE HOME TO RECEIVE MY MEALS? Nope, no need to wait around. We will simply leave your meals inside our insulated delivery bag with ice packs on your doorstep in the shade to keep them chilled while your gone.

WHAT DO I DO WITH THE DELIVERY BAG & ICE PACKS? We reuse our insulated transit bags as well as the ice packs so please make sure to leave the bag and ice packs on your doorstep each Sunday so we can pick up and then drop you a new ones off each week.

WHAT INFO DO WE NEED FOR DELIVERIES? If you have special delivery instructions please note that when you send your order in. Also if you have a gate code or apartment number please provide that info.

FOOD LIFE? Meals can be stored fresh in refrigerators for up to 5 days but if you do not plan to consume your meals during that timeframe, we recommend freezing them to preserve optimum freshness. Simply place into you refrigerator the night before you plan to eat them to defrost.

HOW SHOULD I HEAT MY MEALS? The average heating time in a microwave is 1-3 minutes depending on your meal and preference food temperature. All meals are inside microwave safe containers.

WHERE CAN I FIND MACROS? All macros can be found on our menus. If you need a menu please text 626-905-4522 for menu and macro breakdown. 

CAN I CUSTOMIZE MY MEALS? Yes meals are fully customizable. You can mix and match carbs, veggies, and proteins how ever you'd like.

ARE YOUR MEALS COOKED FRESH? Absolutely. We do not use any preservatives and all meals are cooked fresh when ordered and never frozen.  

HOW DO I PAY? We send everyone an invoice via Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle by Saturday of every week. If you do not want to use those options then you can pay cash or use our credit/debit card processor upon pick up.

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